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Complete Market Visibility

Our experienced team relies our our granular data collection systems to deliver industry recognized market research and business intelligence.

Technology-based Tools

Our proprietary technology solutions deliver timely and cost-effective solutions for housing market analysis of every project size and stage.

Solutions to Maximize Returns

We deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions to optimize the performance of your real estate asset or business, increase clarity and drive returns.

our services

Project Management

As your “in-house” research department, our analysts and consultants provide the data and intelligence required for making decisions at every stage of the development or investment process. Our retainer services offer analysis when you need it and provide full-service monitoring of your project from conception to completion.

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Development Consulting

Drawing on superior proprietary data sources, advanced research capabilities, and extensive market experience, our team provides you with critical visibility into trends and industry behaviors, giving you a powerful competitive advantage and confidence with every decision throughout the development process.

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Research and Analysis

We provide on-the-ground market research and trusted analysis for your real estate development and investment decisions. Our team of analysts deliver customizable business intelligence and research subscriptions, designed to help you navigate your market, drive growth and transform your real estate business.

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Hire us for any scope of work:

Expert analysts with the tools and skills you need for your project on contract.


Build a bench of on-demand analysts for support as needed, when needed.


Hire remote team members on flexible service terms at an hourly rate.

who we help


Identifying opportunities and challenges requires market insight.

→ Acquisition analysis

→ Financial modeling

→ Market research

→ Due diligence

→ Asset management


→ Asset valuation

→ Strategic planning

→ Feasibility analysis

→ Investor relations

→ Data & analytics


Let's build great things together

Our team of experienced analysts, developers and investment advisors, are a trusted source of independent and granular housing market research in the industry. We work closely with our clients to drive their success.  Contact us today to discuss your development project or data and analysis needs.

More than 20 Years of Experiencein Real Estate Development, Analysis and Investment

100+ Clients Served
Experienced & Specialized Team
500+ Feasibility Studies
100% Satisfied Customers

Stay Informed to Outperform

Solid market research is the foundation of every successful business strategy

Promoting your real estate business or asset ahead of the competition is an undertaking that requires market insight, expertise and innovation. We offer flexible products and services that provide reliable real estate market intelligence, for all project stages or business size.

about us


At Site Realty Group, our objective is to make out clients more successful. Our data-driven approach provides a 360 degree view of your asset or development project, the dynamics of the competitive market, and offers effective strategies to maximize value and returns. We partner with our clients to deliver the service and expertise to manage complex real estate projects and drive business performance.

The strength in independent market research and analysis is its ability to help leaders make the best business decisions.


our value


Projects of all sizes can benefit from market research and property analysis, although not every project will require full-service consultants. We offer a range of products and services to meet the specific needs of your business.


Our team collects data every month on multi-residential properties, new development and economic drivers of demand to provide a one-stop source for housing market data and intelligence.


Understanding your market and competition is necessary for making successful investment decisions and gaining a competitive advantage. Our market research intelligence and services provide clarity for success.


Spend more time on your business, without the overhead required to hire a full-time team. Experts in housing market analysis and development, we collect and analyze data to deliver superior reports.

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