About Us

Company OverviewIndependent Market Research and Real Estate Advisory

Site Realty Group provides developers, investors, lenders and real estate professionals with trusted intelligence and unparalleled insight to empower decisions and strategy, employ investment capital and manage risk. We leverage our industry network, expertise and experience to provide our clients with a complete view of their property or asset and its market dynamics.

We are an independent market research, analysis and real estate advisory firm, providing a range of integrated services, tailored to our clients specific objectives and business requirements. Some key areas where we assist our clients include:

  • Research and Analysis – Navigate the market with insight gained from our comprehensive research and expert analysis
  • Capital Allocation – Identify new opportunities for development or investment, gain insight for strategic decision-making and asset management
  • Market Intelligence – Businesses and organizations can access our comprehensive housing database, critical insights and intelligence, specific to your market
  • Project Feasibility – Determine whether a new development or investment should be undertaken and prepare a strategic plan for successful completion
  • Due Diligence – Perform preliminary market research prior to the acquisition, disposition, investment or development of real estate assets to improve risk management and potential returns
Through innovation and experience, we add value to properties and maximize the performance of your real estate business.


Our ApproachYour Partners in Information

Site Realty Group is an integrated team of professionals experienced in real estate investment, finance and development. Out mission is to provide developers, investors and real estate professionals with market intelligence and clarity to make informed executive decisions with confidence.

We combine the diversity of our expertise, the best of business intelligence and leverage technology to deliver innovative solutions for better business results.


To support our clients objectives and become partners in their success by giving them the intelligence and clarity needed to make profitable business decisions.


To improve data transparency and access and be the single source of granular housing market data and be the most trusted source of real estate research and analysis.


To use our proprietary tools, database of market information and collective expertise, to help industry stakeholders make informed decisions and gain complete market insight.

Our Difference

Integrated Property Solutions

At Site Realty Group, we integrate property, technology and people, to drive performance of your real estate business and assets. We offer business intelligence solutions, flexible pricing and real estate consulting services so business of any size can benefit from our collective knowledge.

Performance-driven Strategy

Our goal is to equip your organization with the tools to improve performance in your development project, real estate business or portfolio and provide clarity for investment and underwriting, through reliable market intelligence, technology, collaboration and the expertise of our team.

Our Leadership


We would love to speak with you. Please send a call back request or send us an email at conract@siterealty.ca