Feasibility Studies


Feasibility StudiesAn up-front investment that can insure against financial loss from the launch of an inferior or poorly-planned project

Perhaps the most important element of all the preliminary work required in a new development is the feasibility analysis. A new business venture wouldn’t be started without a business plan, so consideration of any new property development should not occur without first weighing the pros and cons, crunching the numbers to ensure a tidy profit can be gained at the end and mapping out a complete plan of attack. The feasibility study is a comprehensive market research report to reduce risk, maximize revenue, determine the likelihood of the project’s success and secure financing and investors.

A Site Feasibility Study is designed to help our clients get a complete view of the market and understand the potential sources, competition and barriers for a new development coming to that market.

Site Feasibility Study

Get a 360 degree of the market where your project is located, including the potential opportunities and challenges that your development may face.

Site Realty Group has years of experience preparing feasibility studies for new real estate development projects across Canada.

What We Cover

The main purpose of the feasibility study is to conduct an in-depth analysis of a proposed housing development or a property asset, to determine if the investment is viable, yields anticipated returns and meets objectives. The Site Feasibility Study includes:

  • Location Analysis —
  • Market analysis —
  • Financial projections
  • Project recommendations
  • Pricing strategy
  • Economic indicators and macro market factors
  • Competitive landscape
  • Supply analysis

Types of Feasibility Studies

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