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Research and AnalysisDrive revenue growth with our data-driven market research, analytics and insights.

As an independent market research and analysis firm, Site Realty Group is your single-source for housing market data and insight. This is because we provide real estate developers, investors, lenders and industry stakeholders, complete visibility into their market, business or asset performance. Our market research and analysis is tailored to specific roles in housing development or investment. As a result, we are a strategic source of business intelligence and help companies deliver better products, enhance their marketing strategy and improve the customer experience.



Benefits of Site Research Services

  • Save time and resources — reduce time wasted performing tedious data collection
  • Cut the cost spent on market research and due diligence
  • Stay informed with reliable and timely market data, research and analysis
  • Identify market and investment opportunities
  • Maximize returns with customized reports and research subscriptions
  • Scalable and flexible services to businesses of any size

Site Market ResearchMarket Research Beyond the Business Plan

Prior to developing land, a feasibility study ascertains whether the project is viable, and lays out a strategy to maximize the project success. A feasibility study is similar to a business plan as it outlines all aspects of the opportunity, uncovers any potential problems and allows for an educated decision about whether the project is worth undertaking.

Site Realty offers residential market research and intelligence to private and public sector clients that require reliable, timely and granular housing market data and insights. Our experienced team prepares a broad range of reports focused on providing valuable information to various real estate industry stakeholders.

Our highest and best use land study seeks to identify which use would bring maximum value to a piece of vacant land or an improved parcel, based on the parcel’s maximum productivity.

Our housing market studies are imperative for obtaining a complete view of a market prior to development, financing or investment in a real estate project. Market research can help secure investments, uncover gaps in the market, realize new target markets, develop marketing strategies, and identify opportunities.

A challenge for many developers, owners and investors, is setting the optimal price or rent for a housing unit or retail property. Site Realty collects monthly unit rent and sales data that we analyze and determine a pricing strategy for your asset, which maximizes ROI versus risk and accounts for demand and supply in a market.

Due diligence is a comprehensive, complex, and critical stage in any commercial real estate acquisition. You don’t want to leave any stone uncovered, and you want the most time available to review all documents and data available for the property. Our consultants help our clients navigate the investment process and provide property and market analysis, financial review and risk assessment.

Make Executive Decisions with Confidence

Reliable and granular market data and intelligence for cost-effective due diligence, analysis and marketing.

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