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As experienced real estate analysts, investors and developers, we know it’s more valuable for you to spend the most time on your business.  Site Realty’s project management services help make this a reality of your daily tasks. Therefore, instead of manually compiling data, computing and analyzing results, we manage all the market research and analysis needs throughout any stage of your development.

Our team of researchers and analysts are available when you need them. We have the experience to support your most pressing business needs and give you the power of a large institutional research department.

We work with you as a partner, and are equally invested in your success. As a result, we  keep you informed with a 360 degree view of the market dynamics and trends where your project is located. We offer retainer services to help businesses of all sizes perform due diligence and preliminary market analysis, so you get the data and insight you need, when you need it. 

How We Help

Our Retainer Services and Project Management include:

  • Due Diligence – Preliminary property research and market analysis
  • Investment Opportunities – Location analysis and best-use
  • Project Feasibility – Market analysis, property productivity and business strategy
  • Investment & Property Analysis  – Performance metrics and project suitability
  • Market Position  – Monitor market performance, competition and asset strategy
  • Portfolio Review – Asset analysis, portfolio performance and investment strategy
  • Property Marketing & Design – Information memorandums, market intelligence 
  • Strategy & Business Planning – Layout the optimal plan to maximize performance

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Benefits of Site Retainer Services


Our project management and retainer services enable developers and industry stakeholders to access timely and reliable market data, intelligence and expert advice for a fraction of the cost of managing an in-house team.


Our team of analysts and consultants have a broad range of real estate and finance experience that enables us to provide our clients with a 360 degree view of their asset and its market dynamics.


Our project management and retainer services eliminate the need for time-consuming proposals and negotiations, which slow down the flow of information, increasing the risk and difficulty in effective decision-making.

Outsource your Research Department to Drive ProfitEliminate time-consuming due diligence tasks and the high costs of overhead

As your “in-house” research department,  our analysts and consultants provide the data and intelligence required for making decisions at every stage of the development or investment process.  We offer flexible pricing models, so you can get reporting, analysis and intelligence, that is tailored to your business needs.

On-going consultation services include:

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